When you join The Tech Tribe - we want you AND your whole team to succeed.

So unlike other organisations - we don't want to penalise you or charge you extra if you want to add other people on your team into The Tech tribe.

Instead, we encourage it :)
 So, if you've got any team members you'd like to add - they can join us here without any extra charge: https://mytechnologybusiness.com/tribe-extra-team-member/ using the coupon code that you were sent in one of your on-boarding emails.
If you've missed the email with your coupon code for whatever reason, simply head to your Manage My Membership page and press the button to resend your team's coupon code. You'll get an email with the rest of the instructions from there.
 The Guidelines (sorry, but we gotta have some rules)

  • If you pause or cancel your account - all your extra team members accounts will also be paused / cancelled
  • Your team members MUST use their company email address. If they don't - the account will be closed down.
  • And, last but not least - if we find anyone has shared a coupon code outside of their business, we'll cancel the entire account immediately (not that we'd expect any of our Tribe to act like that in the first place - but just want to make sure we're super dooooper clear)

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