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A Social Media video I uploaded was flagged for Copyright

All of the background music in the Social Media videos we include in your Tribal Marketing packs is 100% licensed for you to use anywhere.

However, every now and then one of the automated copyright protection algorithms on one of the Social Media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Youtube etc) will flag a video upload incorrectly thinking it includes copyrighted material.

(aka a false-positive – just like in the Anti-Spam world 🤓)

If this happens to you and the social media platform allows you to click a DISPUTE, VERIFY or PROCEED buttons (or similar), this will work in 99.9% of cases.

It will also help the algorithm learn that the particular audio they have flagged is not copyrighted material.

In very rare cases if this doesn’t work (hasn’t happened to us yet), please email us details of the video you are trying to upload AND the Social Media network you are trying to upload it to (with a screenshot if possible).

We will pass this info over to the team at Technology Marketing Engine (who create the videos for us) and they can work directly with the video vendor to fix up the dispute so that the Social Media network doesn’t flag the content incorrectly in the future.

Updated on July 26, 2022

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