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Anonymous Accounts

We don’t allow anonymous or “Fake” accounts on the forums as it detracts from the overall experience that we are trying to deliver (i.e. signing up with disposable e-mail addresses or using fake names to sign up).

We strive to make this a safe community for everyone and the fact that it’s a premium space where you have to pay to be a member adds to the feeling that you won’t get spammed by anonymous people on the internet, because in most cases, there is a face and a name to the person on the other side of the comments. 

​If there was ever a matter that you would like to treat anonymously you could always use our Ask an Anonymous Question feature.

If our systems detect any fake accounts they will be flagged and we will contact the member to politely ask them to update their information with their actual name.

Also, please refrain from using generic e-mail addresses to join. Please see our help article on why this is not recommended.

Updated on May 6, 2021

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