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Can I pay in my local currency instead of USD?

We thought long and hard about how we’d setup the payment method for The Tech Tribe.

And in the end we decided to make all of our pricing in US Dollars 💲

What this means?

Even though we’re (mostly) based in Australia, a big chunk of our Tribe members are from all 4 corners of the world and we wanted to work with a currency that everyone is familiar with.

The US currency is the most globally accepted currency at the moment (until Bitcoin takes over 😉), so we decided to settle on that.

What about currency shifts?

Sure, there may be currency shifts from time to time that might make your membership cheaper some months and more expensive the next.

But the reality is that unless you are one of those unfortunate people who are living in a country with hyper-inflation – then these shifts are only going to be very minimal in the grand scheme of your business.

And to be brutally honest – if you’re worrying about these slight shifts – then you’re focusing on the wrong thing (sorry to say, but it’s our job to dish out some tough love from time to time – that’s what you pay us for right?).

I’m in Australia – what about GST?

And if you’re one of our fellow Aussie Tech Tribers – here’s more info on how GST is managed to make sure we keep our friends at the Australian Tax Office happy.

Updated on September 13, 2019

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