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Can I post the Marketing Content to my Website?

One of the bonuses we offer inside a Tech Tribe membership is access to Monthly Marketing content.

This currently includes a Printed Newsletter (with a few articles) as well as Weekly Prospect Emails and Daily Social Media Posts.

Recently, a few members have asked whether they can use this content and post it publicly.

And, the answer is technically YES 🤓

However, we recommend you be very, VERY careful about HOW you do it.

The main reason for being careful is that if you do it the wrong way, you might end up getting your website penalized by Google for posting duplicate content.

And since we have 1,000+ members in the Tribe (and growing every day), if just 2 of you post the same content, that can be enough for Google to potentially penalize both of your websites and stop them from showing up in the Search Results (not fun 😢).`

So, if you would like to use the Content for purposes other than what it was originally designed for, you should consider:

  1. Using nofollow / noindex tags so that Google and other search engine crawlers don’t try to index the pages / content (this is not foolproof though, so be careful)
  2. Only using the content in private areas where it won’t be found by a public search engine crawler.

    E.g. you might send out a PDF version of the printed newsletter to your existing clients but hide it on a non public part of your website. Although we strongly recommend sending it as a printed copy as it always makes a MUCH bigger impact.
  3. Having the content re-written (there are services out there that will do it for you so that it’s different enough from the original that Google won’t notice)

Hope that helps and if you’ve got any more questions around this just shoot us an email to help@thetechtribe.com 🤓

Updated on October 2, 2020

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