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Can I send Cold Emails through Growably?


You are not allowed to send cold emails or SMS through Growably.

Emails or SMS can only be sent where you have expressly been given permission by a recipient with a clear, explicit and provable consent.

This consent should be granted through a confirmed single or double opt-in system that clearly expresses the topic of the subscription on an online or offline form via an unmarked by default checkbox.

If we ever receive an Abuse Complaint from a recipient, we will investigate it thoroughly and if you don’t have verifiable proof that you had Consent to send in some way, shape or form, your Growably Account will be cancelled.

We don’t encourage cold emailing in the first place as an effective marketing strategy for MSPs as there are MUCH better ones out there that work WAY better (and are much less slimy).

Check out the Marketing Foundations Workshop in the Tribal Portal for some idea 🤓

Updated on March 31, 2022

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