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Can I sponsor the Tech Tribe?

Unfortunately, at this stage, we don’t offer any sponsorships of the Tribe.

With ~3,300+ members and 120,000+ posts, we realize we are leaving an awful lot of dollars on the table 😭

However, we decided that at this stage of our journey it’s better for us to be completely vendor agnostic so that money doesn’t give us any biases towards (or away) from a particular vendor.

In saying that, here’s a list of other MSP Communities & Thought Leaders that you may want to talk that all have large audiences of MSPs and offer sponsorship packages in various shapes & sizes 👇

FYI: The Tech Tribe is not partnered with any of these vendors so do your own Due Diligence when looking to work with them.

If you run a business where you offer sponsorship packages to MSP vendors, email us on help@thetechtribe.com and we’ll add you to this page 🤓

Updated on September 5, 2022

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