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Can you send invoices to a separate email?

Unfortunately, there’s (currently) no way for us to be able to do this with the way our systems integrate (hopefully one day 😎)

So we can only support one email for both your Tribe login credentials and where we send your invoices to.

If you’d like to update your email site-wide, please head to your Tribe Dashboard’s Manage My Membership to enter the new email you’d like (bear in mind that this will update everything).

The Better Option

Alternatively, some of our Tribers setup an Outlook or Gmail Rule to auto-forward the invoice emails from us so they go directly to their bookkeeper / accounts person.

You can typically setup the rule based on the subject line and also set it so that it archives the email out of your Inbox so you never see it and it just automatically pops up in your bookkeepers Inbox.

Did you know you can also download all your Invoices (except for 1) from the Tribal Portal? More details here.

Updated on August 22, 2022

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