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How do I setup a Forum / Community Signature?

We don’t currently allow Tech Tribers to set their own signatures inside the Tech Tribe Community to keep up our “no advertising unless approved” policy and to limit the noise inside the Tribe (unlike most communities, we intentionally keep the noise very low). 

  However, you may have noticed that a few Tribers actually have forum signatures and this is because we gifted them a signature that points back to their offering or website, due to the amount of value they’ve contributed to the Tribe.

  If you’re a vendor and you end up getting very actively engaged in the Community and dropping loads of help and value bombs, we’ll happily do the same thing for you 🤓  

And, if at some point, you believe you’ve been delivering loads of value over a sustained period of time and you feel you deserve a signature, please feel free to ask us on help@thetechtribe.com and we’ll take a look!  

(although what’s more likely to happen is that we would have already noticed and gifted you a signature already 😎)

Updated on May 11, 2020

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