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I need to edit a post in the Community

So you were re-reading that post you made and suddenly realize that you’ve got a horrible typo or it doesn’t read like you want and decide that you want to change it.

But wait a minute, you don’t see an edit button anywhere. You could swear it was there before, panic sets in…

And you wouldn’t be wrong, there is an edit button available, but it only shows up for 30 minutes from when you originally post.

We have this turned on by design as someone could go back to a post days or weeks afterwards and EDIT their original post, which would then result in all the following posts/conversation not making any more sense as the context would be lost.

But don’t worry, we can take care of you. Just click on Report Post on top of your post and let us know what needs changing and we’ll take care of it (as long as it doesn’t change context for any conversations that follow).

Updated on September 26, 2022

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