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I’m a vendor, can I promote stuff in my Products User Group?

In the Tribal Community, we have built a specific area for Product User Groups.

For example, we have User groups for Datto, ConnectWise, HaloPSA, Kaseya and many more. users.

We create these groups when there has been enough conversation around a particular product inside the Tribe to warrant them having their own dedicated space.

They are designed so our members have a dedicated place to ask for help and share wisdom around your product and we encourage you to have members of your team monitoring these groups and helping out.

As a Vendor, you’re also welcome to post new threads in this section on topics such as:

  • New Feature Announcements
  • Special Offers for New Clients & Existing Clients
  • Important Support Information (such as outages, bugs etc)
  • Interesting & Important News about your Company / Products
  • Upcoming Events (including Conferences & Webinars)

However, to keep the high Signal:Noise Ratio we work hard to maintain, please only post things that will be super valuable to our members.

If you start making a new post every time you release new Blog Post, we’ll need to step in and hide your posts.

If you’re ever unsure how to engage with the group – shoot us an email on help@thetechtribe.com and Javier our Community Manager will help you out 🤓

Updated on April 28, 2022

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