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I’m a vendor, how do I get a Forum Signature?

Forum Signatures in our Tech Tribe Community can only be earnt 🤓

The way to earn one is to post a lot of value inside the Tribal Community actively helping and serving our Tech Tribe members.

And when we notice you’ve been doing that and can tell you’re a true Go-Giver, we’ll tap you on the shoulder and let you know that we’ve set you up with a Forum Signature.

A Forum Signature can points back to either your Tribal Perk (if you have one) or to some external resources.

If you hang out enough and keep delivering ridiculously awesome value, then we may even promote you to the esteemed ranks of our Tribal Elders.

Our Tribal Elders are a group of legends all around the world that are deeply passionate about serving and helping the MSP Community.

Updated on September 2, 2020

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