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I’m locked out of my account, what happened?

Ay yai yai! It looks like you have tried the incorrect password too many times in the past 6 hours 😓

Our firewall has locked you out for your security to prevent any bad guys out there from brute-forcing their way in. If you happen to be one of those bad guys, you just got PWNED fool 😎!

If you are the rightful account holder worry not, you will be able to try again in 2 hours 😀.

Here are some basic troubleshooting tips to follow when your lockout is over:

  • Type your password somewhere you can see it to make sure that your Caps and Num Lock settings are in the correct toggle for you. Sometimes it’s just a simple case of the wrong case or the number pad not being active.
  • If you are using a password manager (which is what we recommend that you do 🤓), make sure that it is filling in the correct information. Try copy-pasting from your password manager instead of letting it auto-fill.
    • We’ve noticed an occasional glitch in LastPass that fills in the incorrect information sometimes. If that happens to you, try this solution that we found on Reddit..
  • If after 5 attempts after your lockout is over you can’t log in, we recommend trying the Forgot Password option instead.*

It’s been over 2 hours and I’m still locked out, or you really, really need to get in now, because reasons.

Please send an email over to help@thetechtribe.com and our elite team of Support Ninjas will get on it.

*You will not be able to use the Forgot Password option if you are currently locked out.

Updated on February 2, 2021

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