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What is LeadConnector

As you probably know, Growably has been built on a platform called High-Level.

High-Level have a lot of Marketing Agencies as clients who white-label their product and resell to their clients.

A lot of those Marketing Agencies try to pass off to their clients that they personally built the platform (so they can look cool & bigger than what they are 🤷‍♂️).

(personally, we think this is dishonest and we’re loud and proud about the fact that we’ve built Growably on High-Level – it’s an awesome platform)

Over the years though, High-Level had a tonne of requests from their Marketing Agency clients for them to be able to hide all High-Level branding so that their clients couldn’t work out that the platform was a white-labelled platform (as the High-Level website shows this).

So, High-Level created a generic brand called LeadConnector which doesn’t have any mention on it’s public website about white-labelling etc.

And, High-Level uses this generic LeadConnector branding across the following areas:

Wherever you see the LeadConnector name, know that it’s simply High-Level / Growably and you can use the app/tool/plugin using your Growably credentials.

Enjoy 🤓

Updated on July 14, 2022

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