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Why can’t I edit one of my existing posts?

The software we use to run the Tribal Community allows you to edit a post up to 30 minutes after you post it.

This allows you to fix any mistakes or make any tweaks you feel would make it better.

After the initial 30 minutes, the system then automatically locks your post for editing.

The reason it does this is to protect the integrity of any future conversations that happen after your initial post.

In Forum based communities before this “time-window locking” became the norm, users often edited their posts days, weeks or months after the original post and the resulting updates often then confused future readers of the post and removed all the context.

If for some reason, after the 30 minute lock period, you realize there’s something that needs to be changed, you can simply Report the post to us (there’s a button on the post to do this) with a quick explanation of what you’d like to update.

We’ll then make the adjustment for you (typically within 1 business day) as long as it doesn’t make things confusing or change the integrity of any follow-on conversation that has happened after your post.

Updated on March 25, 2021

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