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Why is the Tech Tribe so cheap?

No joke, we get asked on average 2-3 times per month why the Tech Tribe pricing is so darned cheap 🤓

And, it’s a fair question.

A few MSPs have actually told us they were initially turned off by our low pricing, thinking that it wasn’t possible we could be offering anything of any value at such a low price point.

They were then shocked when they eventually joined us and saw how much value actually is in there.

The reality is that for most MSPs, there’s literally 10’s of 1000’s of dollars of value in a Tech Tribe membership.

From the training, to the templates, to the expert coaching to the monthly marketing packs, and much more.

The biggest reason we keep our pricing so low is that Nigel’s original vision with the Tech Tribe is to be able to offer it at a price point that makes sense for every MSP.

(including the One [Hu]man Bands 😎)

Because, when Nigel first started out in the MSP (Break/Fix) industry in the early 2000’s it was very hard to get access to any good resources to help build and grow his MSP.

Legal templates cost many thousands. Training was non existent. Checklists didn’t exist and there was no easily accessible global community of experts to get help from that didn’t cost $500+ per month (which priced it right out of his budget).

So our mission is to keep the Tech Tribe at a price that makes it obtainable for every MSP.

(including our much-loved One [Hu]man Bands).

Ultimately, it means that we need to be great marketers as we need to get 1000’s of paying members to make a viable and sustainable business.

Overall, our mission is to become like the Amazon Prime for MSPs where you pay a simple, low-cost subscription and the more we grow, the higher our budget becomes to keep stacking on the amazing value.

Whilst the Tech Tribe price is super low – the value you receive is super high. We do this by building a low priced, high volume offering so that every MSP in the world can get access 👌🤓

Updated on September 2, 2020

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