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Why are my Posts stuck in Drafts?

If you've already started taking advantage of the social planner in Growably and you notice that the post immediately goes to drafts there a few things you'll want to double check to resolve this issue: 

Posts are Stuck in Drafts

If your posts are stuck in drafts please make sure you've added an image or a video to the post if you've included Instagram or TikTok in the platforms you're posting to. 

The content we send you from the Tribe in your Marketing Packs will provide all of the written content that you need to post to any of these platforms. However, Instagram and TikTok specifically require that you include an image and/or a video if you're trying to post to one of their platforms. 

High Level (the platform that Growably is built on) has written a great guide about the size and format requirements of these files here

And in case some of you are wondering, no you can't use the thumbnail that looks like an image that you might see when you're posting on Facebook or LinkedIn as an image. 

A thumbnail is a reduced image file that serves as a place holder or preview for multimedia content. These types of files of files don't fulfill Instagram's requirements for an image, so you'll need to find or create those on your own (and the same applies for videos for TikTok).

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