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My Email Domain was Disabled, what do I do?

If you received an email that your Email Domain was disabled in Growably it's likely due to having a high Bounce Rate.

High-Level has their bounce rate threshold set at 3% (more details here).

So, if you're getting a higher than 3% bounce rate, your Email Domain is likely going to be automatically disabled. 

This happens to protect all the other businesses using the LC Email Shared IP Pools.

Here's some tips to follow to reduce your Bounce Rate:

  1. Export your Contact list from Growably and upload it to an Email List Cleansing service such as Validity by BriteVerify or Never Bounce to identify Invalid Emails. Then remove all those emails they've identified as invalid from Growably (or at the very minimum, turn DND on for them so Growably doesn't try to email them in the future).

  2. Never send Cold Emails via LC Email in Growably - more details here.

  3. Make sure your DNS Entries are configured 100% correctly (e.g. SPF, DKIM and DMARC). You setup the DNS Entries when you configured your Dedicated Domain in Growably and you can access them in Settings -> Email Services -> Dedicated Domain and IP. 

High-Level typically block email sending for 12 hours when a Bounce Rate threshold is breached and then reenable it after the 12 hour block period has expired. 

However, if a bounce rate threshold breach happens multiple times over a short period of time, High-Level will likely permanently block the domain (more details here). 


Due to the high hard costs, we don't currently offer the Email Validation feature of High-Level. If you need to validate or clean your email list, you'll need to use an external service like the ones mentioned above.

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