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Why do I have an International Charge from my bank?


The Tech Tribe is an Australian company so this will only apply to you if you're outside the USA and use a credit card that charges international fees.

If you have a charge on your credit card statement at the same time as your recurring Tech Tribe membership fee that says something like "International Fee", it's not from us. 

It's from your credit card supplier / bank who decided to charge International Fees for transactions from vendors outside their own country.

There's a few banks / credit cards in the world who do this.

If you happen to be with one of those banks, you have a few options:

  1. Ask your current bank if they'll waive International Fees (it's worth asking to avoid you moving to their competition);
  2. Change to a bank that doesn't charge fees for transactions outside your home country.


If the Tech Tribe is your only international vendor we strongly recommend you don't worry about it as the fees your bank is charging will only be a very minor amount each year and with your time valued at 100's of dollars, it'd take you many, MANY years to get an ROI on any time you invested in saving a few dollars.

We live in an ever-growing global economy, so there's lots and lots of banks that don't charge International Fees and it's becoming more common all the time, so if you do decide to change credit card suppliers, you'll have LOTS of options to chosoe from.

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