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Can I put a time-limited offer in my Tribal Perk?

At the moment, we don’t allow time-limited offers or time-bound price increase notices in the Tribal Perks section of our Portal.

As you might know, we work very hard curate and maintain a very high Signal:Noise ratio inside our Tribal Community so all the discussions, notifications and announcements are deeply beneficial to our Members.

With the ~1,000 vendors that currently serve the MSP Community and with the number of Tribal Perks we already have in there, the notifications and announcements from regular time-limited offers would be very distracting and drown out the high-quality business discussions that the Tribal Community is known for.

(time-limited offers or time-bound price increases are a GREAT part of a sales process, they just don’t add enough value to the broader Tribal Community as a whole to warrant us including them. They are far better used in your own internal Marketing / Sales efforts)

In the future, we may change this IF we can work out how to offer it fairly and so long as we can do it in a way that doesn’t add any unnecessary noise to the Tribal Community.

As a side note, if you’re looking for MSP Communities that may allow you to run Group Buys, Time-Limited Offers or Time-Bound Price Increase Notifications to their members, it might be worth you checking out these groups which all have paid vendor promotion programs that might allow this:

  • ASCII Group (USA)
  • Network Group (UK)
  • SMBiT Professionals (Australia)


If you would ever like to update your Tribal Perk (i.e. you want to change the bonus or discount amount), then just shoot an email to help@thetechtribe.com and we’ll update it for you.

We’ll typically get it done within 2 x business days.

Keep in mind that a fair use applies here, up to twice a year is no problems ?

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