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The Anonymous Posting Guidelines

Being able to post anonymously in a Community can be extremely helpful in certain situations. 

For example: sensitive security issues, team issues, personal mental health challenges etc.

So, inside the Tribal Community we have a feature where members can start threads and reply to posts Anonymously.

To avoid the Community descending into chaos and anarchy with an Anonymous Posting Feature. this page has some guidelines on how to use it in the intended spirit it's been built for. 

Firstly, here's some situations where Anonymous Posting is suited for:

  1. Posting a new thread asking the Tribe for help with a sensitive HR or team member issue where the conversation could leak back to the team member in question.
  2. Posting a new thread asking the Tribe for help with a security issue at your MSP (or a Client) where revealing your identity could cause more harm or liability
  3. Replying to an existing thread where revealing your identity could cause a Security or Personal Issue
  4. Posting about a sensitive personal issue where you're uncomfortable sharing who you are but want the support and input of your fellow colleagues in your Tribe. 
  5. Having discussions around Mergers & Acquisitions - since we at Tribal HQ can see who posts anonymously, we can always introduce people offline if an Anonymous conversation takes off
  6. A vendor sharing extremely important Industry News that impacts a lot of MSPs (resharing low relevance news is not allowed to help maintain a high Signal:Noise ratio in the Tribe). This avoids Vendors having the question raised on whether their posts are "Community Service" in nature or "Promotional" in nature. 

And, here's some example situations that Anonymous Posting isn't suitable for:

  1. To hide behind negative feedback or criticism
  2. To bully someone (that ain't allowed anywhere in the Tribe)
  3. To make a post that isn't adding any value to the Tribe
  4. To reply to an existing thread with a snide or snarky remark
  5. To Promote anything (e.g. a Vendor promoting their own product or an MSP promoting a Vendors product)
  6. As a Vendor making a post about another Vendor. Any discussions between Vendors should always happen publicly / not anonymously and to avoid breaking our no-promo Tribal Law, should only ever be initiated if the topic is directly relevant to an existing topic. If it's not directly relevant to an existing topic and adding value to our MSP members, then please take the conversation offline or to another place to avoid you getting a warning and us having to hide / moderate it. 

To make sure this doesn't get abused and is used in the original spirit we've built it for, we keep a close eye on things and will update / improve these guidelines if any situations arise that we didn't foresee when we built these original guidelines. 

If you notice a post where the Anonymous Posting feature is getting abused or is not being for it's intended purpose, we'd love you to report the post to us by clicking on the three dots (…) and hitting the Report button and our moderation team will investigate ASAP (and thank you for looking out for the Tribe ?). 

IMPORTANT: Admins and Moderators on #TeamTribe can see the author of Anonymous Posts.

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