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How do I migrate to LC Email?

If you're currently using one of the other methods available in Growably to send emails (e.g. Mailgun, SendGrid, AmazonSES etc), then you can follow these steps to migrate to LC Email:

  1. Head to Settings -> Email Services in Growably. It will look like this:
  2. Click on the Radio Button to the right of the LeadConnector Email System and select it:



    Make sure you click on the RADIO BUTTON to select the LeadConnector option. Clicking on the Row only selects the row, it doesn't migrate you to it or mark it as the default option.


  3. Click on the Dedicated Domain and IP button in the top right
  4. Click on the +Add Domain button
  5. Enter the domain name you want to send emails through (more details here on what domain to pick)
  6. Setup the 6 DNS Entries in your DNS Provider 
  7. Verify that they're all setup
  8. Start sending emails through Growably using your new domain :-)

UPDATE AS AT 21st MAY 2024:
There's been a few tenants who receive an error like the below screenshot when clicking on the Radio Button. If that happens to you, shoot us an email to help@thetechtribe.com and we'll switch you in the back-end.


If you want more granular control with multiple domains / sub-domains depending on the different features that Growably sends emails through, then:

  1. Add your other domains / sub-domains on the same page you added your first domain
  2. Add all their DNS entries
  3. Verify the DNS Entries
  4. Click on the Domain Configuration tab along the top
  5. Pick what domains / sub-domains you want to use for each feature in Growably
  6. Voila - you now have advanced control :-)

Check out the video on this page for more details.

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