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Will my data inside Growably be shared or sold?

Absolutely not. 

The data you load into Growably is your data and your data alone. 

Although keep in mind that there are some team members at Tribal HQ who have access to Growably data to be able to support the platform and provide technical support to you. 

(we operate from a least privilege philosophy so only the people on Team Tribe that absolutely need access, have access)

In addition, all of us only access Growably from our company managed and secured devices protected by our all our corporate cyber tools (there are no home / unmanaged devices connecting at all).

High-Level (who is High-Level?) also have access since they have built and host the platform that Growably has been built on.

However for High-Level to even think about sharing or selling any of the data in there, would lead to an immediate death sentence to their entire business model. 

You can see more details of their security and information management here.

As a side note, there are some other companies that offer High-Level, that use 3rd party Client Support providers to help support their end-users (such as Extendly or HL Pro Tools).

(including some in our MSP Industry the last time we checked)

We initially started working with one of these vendors however we cancelled our contract at the beginning of 2023 after some due-diligence identified some potentially concerning things with regards to their security. 

We did some due-diligence on the other Client Support vendors in the Industry and none of them had a security posture anywhere near close to what we were comfortable with.

So, at the beginning of 2023, we all Growably support 100% in-house being delivered only by core Tech Tribe team members, who access the platform only via our company managed & protected devices. 

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