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Can I obscure my name, use only my initials or post in the Tribe Anonymously?

We’re a Tribe of nearly 10,000 (awesome) Humans and one of our core tenants is that we all show up as ourselves in all of our interactions with each other.

This means that we don’t allow members to post in our Community from an obscured, hidden or anonymous identity.

So, if you join the Tribe with an anonymous, fake or shortened name and post in the Community, our moderation team will temporarily hide your post and politely refer you to this FAQ page, asking if we can update your profile to your real name so we can unhide your post.

If you’re brand new to the Tribe and haven’t yet experienced how supportive and helpful our Tribal Community is yet then we encourage you to simply observe the Community for a few weeks to see how helpful & friendly everyone is, we’re sure it’ll change your mind about wanting to post anonymously.

Also know that we have a dedicated moderation team that makes sure our Tribal Community Guidelines are honored to keep you safe & supported ? 

If you have a sensitive question you’d like to ask the Tribe (e.g. a HR issue or a financial question), then you can use our Ask an Anonymous Question feature and we’ll post your question from one of our accounts, not revealing your Identity.

If that feature doesn’t work for your situation and you’re still looking for an outlet to post something anonymously, then you will need to use another platform that allows posting from hidden identities (there are a few) as the Tribe isn’t the place for that conversation.

The way we see it, if someone isn’t willing to put their name against their words, then the post is something that likely shouldn’t be posted in the Tribe anyway.


If for some reason, you still want to remain somewhat private, you’re welcome to stay as a Tech Tribe member, you just won’t be able to participate in our Tribal Community.

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