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Can I import a 3rd party snapshot into my Growably Tenant?

Growably / High-Level has an awesome feature called Snapshots.

Basically, a Snapshot allows a 3rd party Marketing Vendor to create a bunch of Marketing assets (E.g. Workflows, Emails, Funnels, Websites etc) and send you a link so you can import all those assets into your Growably tenant. 

This can save you a bunch of time building out your own assets. 

At the time of writing this, there's no way for you to directly import a 3rd party snapshot into your Growably account

However, if you send the Snapshot Share URL to help@thetechtribecom we will import it for you. 

(normally within 1 business day)

A few quick notes:

  1. We aren't able to provide any technical support on the snapshot or assets inside the Snapshot, so you'll need to get in touch with the original creator if you need any help;

  2. During the Snapshot Import process the High-Level system checks to see if there are any Conflicts that arise. In the very rare scenario that High-Level actually finds a Conflict, we will choose the "Skip Conflicts" option which could mean that some assets in the Snapshot might not get imported; and

  3. As this Snapshot comes from a 3rd party, we can't accept any Liability for any issues that it causes both whilst being imported into your Tenant and whilst being used by you and your team. We can't foresee any scenarios where issues would happen, but just setting the expectation up-front. 

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