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How do I get a Signature in the Community?

Signatures are helpful in Communities to easily show other members what you do and how you might be able to help them. 

In the Tribe, once you reach ten (10) Reputation Points, you will unlock the ability to add a Signature to your Posts.

What are Reputation Points?

You earn Reputation points whenever someone LIKES or THANKS one of your posts.

The ten (10) point minimum exists so that someone can't join the Tribe, immediately throw on a promotional signature and start posting no-value posts everywhere (you have to give a little before you get, right ?). 


To make sure it doesn't feel like we're walking in the middle of Times Square when browsing the Community, signatures have a few limitations:

  • Maximum of 2 Lines
  • Maximum of 2 Links
  • No direct URLs (they look ugly)
  • No Images


  • Use SHIFT-ENTER to add a new line to avoid an ugly big paragraph space between lines. 
  • Use your Emoji Keyboard [ WIN-; on a PC or CTRL-CMD-SPACE on a Mac ]
  • For URLs type some text and then select that text and click the LINK button to add your URL.


If you're an MSP, here's a good framework to follow:

If you're a Vendor, here's a good framework to follow:


Not only will bad signatures look bad in the Community, they'll also not generate any interest. 

Here's an example of a bad signature:

Not only does it make impossible claims, it also overuses formatting and has no easy call to action to help the reader. 

Obviously, we reserve the right to edit or completely remove your signature if it doesn't fit in with the Vibe of the Tribe - the spirit of this signature feature is to be helpful, not look silly. 

If you spot a Signature that doesn't fit the Vibe of the Tribe shoot us an email to help@thetechtribe.com and we'll take a look ASAP. 


  1. Click your Profile Photo in the top left of the Community
  2. Select My Account Settings
  3. Click on the Signature item
  4. Add your Signature and Press SAVE

Here's what that looks like:

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