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Can you recommend me a Vendor or Product?

If you ask us to give you a recommendation for a Vendor or a Product to use in your MSP, our answer will be a polite no. 

For us to be able to give you a proper recommendation, we'd need to understand a lot of variables about your business. 

(including things such as revenue, gross margins, team structure, company culture, exact feature needs, budgetary constraints, pricing models, historical vendor relationships etc)

Without this information we'd be flying blind and very, VERY likely to give you a bad recommendation. 

If someone in your world does recommend you use a Product or Vendor without knowing a bunch of the information we've just mentioned, then ignore their recommendation as they very likely don't know enough about your exact circumstances to be making an informed & helpful recommendation. 

Here's some suggestions for ways to help you make a better decision:

  1. Check that particular category in the Product Vault (look for strong reviews)
  2. Ask in the Community for input from your fellow colleagues (make sure to list out your main requirements)
  3. Pay a Consultant in that category to help you with your Vendor Selection process (highly recommended, although we don't provide this service)


When I (Nigel) had my MSP, I used to offer Vendor Selection Management as a paid service to my clients.

For example, when a restaurant client wanted our assistance with picking a new Point of Sale (POS) vendor, we billed them around $3,000 to help them through the selection process. 

We sat with them to understand their exact needs, we asked them a bunch of questions, we spoke to a bunch of POS vendors and then we sat in the "Introductory" meetings with them so we could finally recommend the best fit for them from our perspective. 

They still had to make the final decision but we gave them a short-list with our comments on each one. 

In your MSP, you should consider offering the same service to your clients.

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